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Hello everyone we jayam industries are manufacturer of Sambrani making machines manufacturer and so we are going to post an important update on how to start a cup sambrani making business which yields a high profit earning. Give your 5 minutes read on the complete guide on manufacturing and supplying cup sambrani by an automatic sambrani making machines in the following post.

sambrani making machine

Complete guide on Cup Sambrani making business:

In the early times the cup sambrani production was done by very big machineries and it’s very difficult for very small scale business to explore in this business but now innovation and technology has made things easier and very small machines has been made to produce cup sambrani’s and this simple made cup sambrani machines easily operated even in the house and small rooms so where the small scale business people’s can easily produce the cup sambrani using this cup sambrani machines.

 An we Jayam industries are one of the leading manufacturer of cup sambrani making machines we are offering best quality fof sambrani machine at reasonable price which is easily affordable for small scale business people’s. And we got all range of sambrani machine which ranges from semi-automatic to fully automatic cup sambrani making machine. 

Our automatic sambrani machine maximizes the production of cup sambrani’s and reduces the labour cost and that helps the small scale business people’s and that results in high profit earning in the sambrani making business.

Ingredients required for making cup sambrani:

*Natural cow dung
*sandal powder
*pure guggal (maishakshi)
*Tulsi powder
*Havan samagri

And this ingredients are easily available in the market and all this is available in the same place under one roof, so you need to worry about the raw materials.

Cup sambrani making machine’s price:

We, Jayam industries made this cup sambrani machine price very easily affordable for the the small scale business people’s and our cup sambrani making price ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 3,00,000. Even if you got Rs. 50,000 you can start the cup sambrani making machine easily with our base end model of cup sambramaking machine.

Cup sambrani making process:

Cup sambrani making is very is with our automatic cup sambrani making machine it’s just you need to put your dried ingredients with the charcoal in the one end and the remaining job will be done by our automatic cup sambrani making machine and the cup sambrani’s will be pressed and released automatically.

 And in the manual and semi-automatic cup sambrani making machine we need to put the charcoal powder and ingredients into that hole and then we need to rotate the handle then the cup sambrani is ready.

Where we can sell the cup sambrani?

We can sell this cup sambrani both online and offline. First we will discuss about offline selling. For the offline selling of cup sambrani you need to approach all the wholesale shops in your city, Pooja stores and the roadside shops near the temples in your city. 

Initial stage of your cup sambrani making business you need work hard to acquire the wholesale shops and once you are done with that it’s very easy to manage the production of cap sambrani and following the supply of products & collection of money from those shops.

And for online it’s bit more easier you can easily register as the seller in Amazon and Flipkart to sell your cup sambrani’s and you can start selling your products and earn profits easily.

Where can you buy cup sambrani making machines?

In this blog you could have got an huge insights on cup sambrani making business and to buy the cup sambrani making machine just contact us through phone call or whatsapp and we will help you choose the best range of cup sambrani making machines which suits for your business setup. 

Thanks for your time and share this post to all your friends to let them about our automatic cup sambrani making machine


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