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cup sambrani making machine

Automatic Cup Sambrani Making Machine - Quality at its Best

Automatic sambrani making has brought a turnaround for the life of cottage industries, and we, Jayam industries are one of the leading manufacturers of sambrani making machines. As people’s standard of living and quality of life improves, the demand for sambrani (dhoop) is increasing. This is why the Sambrani-making machine comes into play. This machine is commercially available with us and can make different types of sambrani, whether in cup or stick form.

Sambrani is used in place of almost all Indian shops, pujas, and homes. Each household burns incense before starting the morning routine. This clearly shows that many people are using the product.

Sambrani Making Machine Specifications:

cup sambrani making machine

Machine capacity: 700 pieces/hour.
Power Required: 1 HP, 3 Phase.
Machine Type: Rotary Type Sambrani Machine.
Class: Fully Automatic.
Warranty: 1 Year Machine Service Warranty.


What are the advantages of cup sambrani making machine?

The automatic cup sambrani making machine is designed to automate every move and finishing of the sambrani-making machine. Hence it’s an automatic cup sambrani making machine so there will not be any error in the output it produces the desired size and quality of cup sambrani, also this machine helps to maximize productivity.


The market demand for sambrani(dhoop) is very high. But with the fully automatic Sambrani machine, you don’t have to stop production for a long time. This machine is intelligently designed to keep working without compromising the quality of your work. In a short time you can produce as much as the quantity of sambrani cups with perfect quality and with the desired size.

Cost Savings

Increased reliability, minimal human contact, and minimal maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. These fully automated machines allow manufacturers to plan and quickly deliver large orders of Sambrani cups. When production is made easier and faster, so one can subsequently look for the big orders and focus on sales to reap big profits.


A well-designed, fully automatic machine can quickly respond to the needs of customers who have already placed orders while receiving new orders. These fully automatic cup sambrani making machines are made to work even in the worst conditions. Productivity increases when machines can do more.

Easy Operation

The fully automatic cup sambrani making machine has clear settings for ease of use. The simple shape makes it easy to make as many as sambrani cups you need. It saves a lot of time and money because it requires less human help.

Achieve a higher level of productivity
All of our sambrani-making machines feature the latest and most important improvements and innovations so you can get more done.

How to choose a high-quality Cup Sambrani cup machine?

When choosing a machine, it is important to consider how well it can make Sambrani cups. The machine needs to be able to form the thickest layer of raw material, and features such as warmer restraint and frame strength need to be synchronized with cup depth. When choosing a cup Sambrani making machine, it’s important to consider how many sambrani cups it can make, the size that you want, and most importantly how many customers or orders you have so that you can opt for the machines that suit your requirement. 

What kind of machinery do you need to make Sambrani cups?

There are three types of machines on the market. We have machines that produce paper plates manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically.

If you are a beginner and want to start from home, a manual machine will suffice. But if you want to do more and expand your business to the next level, you should buy a fully automatic machine.
A fully Automatic cup sambrani making machine makes your work very easy, all you have to do is put the sambrani raw materials on the right roller and as soon as the machine is switched on, the raw materials are automatically pulled out and pressed with dies to get the desired sizes of sambrani cups. The whole process of cup sambrani making is completed in no time.

Where can I buy a Cup Sambrani making machine?

Reach out to our Jayam industries website or through our social media pages so that we can offer you a range of cup sambrani making machines from manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic cup sambrani-making machines. Hence we are the own manufacturers of cup sambrani making machine so we can offer reasonable price at the best quality.

Every street corner has a sweet shop and a small restaurant, all of which use sambrani cups. Therefore, considering the culture and customs of the people, both urban and rural areas have huge markets for the products. If you want to use these technical marvels in the production of sambrani cups, look no further than Jayam Industries, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We are one of the best companies in India to manufacture fully automatic cup sambrani making machines and their prices are unbeatable. We offer best-in-class cup sambrani making machines to quickly improve your large-scale production. 


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